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Why Free Ambulance?

Being a hope of common man, we have tried to help people in emergency situations. Mankind & Environment Efflorescence Trust (MEET) is extending free ambulance service to transport poor and indigent patients to Taluk, District / General Hospitals and Medical college Hospitals. This allows people to call us in non emergencies to get an ambulance on time without paying anything for the same.


Help to support most of the people those who are financially challeged


Provide responsive quality patient care and transport.

Free of Cost

Delivering level best service at free of cost on time.

Non Emergency Ambulance Service

Apart from Emergency Ambulance Services, there is a need for Non Emergency Ambulance to Transfer a Non Critical Patient for Periodic Health Check Up or the Patient wants to Migrating to another place. Ambulance used for these purpose are generally scheduled well in advance as per the requirement.

Periodic Health Check Up

Any elderly people wants to go to hospital for their routine tests or consultation. Also to rescue people and take them to Hospital if in case of any non emergency medical treatment needed.

Senior Citizen Aid

Keeping Health in old age is very Crucial and in case if there is a need for Ambulance we extend our full support to the Senior Citizen Courteously. Shifting people who are bed ridden to a desirous location who are unable to move around by themselve.

Patient Transfer

Non Emergency Ambulance is not only used by Senior Citizens but also to transfer patients to their homes after treatment or an admission at the hospital for those who are not presently 100% Medically Fit or Partially Fit.


When Mankind & Environment Efflorescence Trust has noticed the hardship that people have been facing financial issues during the pandemic Covid 19, we have planned to start free Ambulance services in Kumbakonam. With a vision and mission of fully supporting and helping people in non emergencies. We strongly believe that the free of cost Ambulance will resolve money issues of the poor people.

Prompt Action

We will be at your door step whenever you call for an non emergency ambulance service.

Fully Equiped

We provide fully sophisticated equipment installed ambulance for the people who are in need.

24 hour availability

We have team of volunteers to provide 24/7 support for the needy.

100% Safe

We aim to provide completely safe and sanitized at every time of travel.

Meet Ambulance Donation Proposal

Help MEET NGO's Free Ambulance continue to serve the needy

By helping us, you're helping numerous people every day in lots of ways. Thank you for helping to keep our service free to everyone who needs us.Thank you for ensuring our team of call takers, patient transfer officers and paramedics are ready to look after everyone, no matter what the health emergency.



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